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      How to succeed in the Photo Booth Rental Business

      How to succeed in the Photo Booth Rental Business

      Do you believe in the power of attraction?  Anything in life can come true if you believe in it.  When you believe in it, you become passionate in that desire.  When you tell yourself, you will succeed in the photo booth rental business, you become passionate.  You wake up thinking on how to scale your photo booth rental business.

      The law of attraction is about figuring out what you truly want in life and being passionate about it.  Some people will type photography booth in the search engine thinking they will actually get something they are searching for.  Reality is, they don't know what they truly are looking for.  They could be searching for photo booth photography, photography lighting, photography online shop, portable photo booth, photobooth photography, photography lighting equipment or photoshoot lighting kit.  It's never what you truly want to search for, but you indirectly search for something else. 

      Why do photographers or wedding DJ buy Photo booths? What is the best company to buy portable photo booth to start my rental business?

      Why do photographers or wedding DJ buy Photo booths? What is the best company to buy portable photo booth to start my rental business?

      Capturing a picture is perhaps the most ideal way to save a moment. Pictures taken at an event or occasion help us remember that day and its festivities. You can pose, you can flaunt or you can even do your favorite stance, without the hassle of actually holding a camera or a smart phone. Adding a photo booth to the event or occasion makes it better and more distinguished. Photo booth adds an extravagant effect to an event making it memorable and provides more than just simple photos. Photographers lay out money on a good photo booth to enhance the photographs and add a unique experience to the work and event. Event photographers buy a good quality photo booth instead of carrying a full-sized camera along with the photochemical solutions. Photo booths are a source of joy at an event. People love to take more pictures and capture the fun-filled memories of the event. This helps the photographers to concentrate on capturing the real moments of the occasion while the guests have fun getting their pictures captured through a photo booth. Most weddings and other functions and events have photo booths nowadays that attract the guests and help them remember the particular event and the fun that they had with the photo booth. Photographers and DJ buy these photo booths to get the experience associated with their name. People are most likely to remember these photographers for a lifetime and order their photography services again. Regardless of whether it is a birthday, wedding, or some other sort of huge occasion, a photo booth is an ensured approach to make it an enduring memory and the guests will continue remembering the occasion again and again. Your visitors will need to ensure everybody finds out about it!

      Photo booths are a one-time investment for a life time experience. You can invest in a good photo booth once and enjoys it benefits for life long. We all struggle in holding the camera for a selfie or a picture keeping our hands still for a perfect shot. These photo booths provide you the ease to be yourself without worrying about the picture quality. The best company to buy photo booths is RBA (www.rbaphotobooths.com). They provide portable friendly and top quality photo booths with interactive features and a variety to choose from that will surely make you rental business fly high. Why choose them? RBA have been the manufacturer of Photo Booths for 30 years. This is enough to speak about their quality and experience in this business. You can easily start your own photo booth rental business with RBA. Investing in a photo booth from RBA for your rental business will never be a regretful decision. RBA also deals in Photo Booth Backdrops to add more elegance to the pictures and attract the guests. Along with these they also provide custom made Photo Booth Travel Cases to secure your photo booth. What are you waiting for? Start your rental business. Hurry up, visit their website and place your order now!

      Unboxing the t12 prism Photo Booth Shell Enclosure

      Unboxing the t12 prism Photo Booth Shell Enclosure

      Hey guys! 

      Welcome. This is Ray with RBA photo booths Inc.

      Today I am gonna be discussing the unboxing of the t12 prism and before I do that I want to discuss the size and the weight of the box. What I have here is a tape measure and what I am going to do is I am gonna go ahead and give you the measurements of this box. Just to see you guys know exactly how big is this box gonna be and how much it weighs.

      So the front back of this is 18 and 38 inches. The box left to right is 24 inches. The top to bottom of this box is 18 and 3 ¼ (quarter) almost 19 inches. The exact weight is 44.1 pounds of this box. That’s an empty shell, okay. 

      I already cut it. So I have already basically opened. I cut the tape. So this is how it’s gonna look like. The first thing you are gonna notice is there gonna be two foams right on top of that and these foams are styrofoam. They are protecting the top shell of the head and what you are actually gonna do is its kind of hard for me to get this thing out so what I am gonna do that I am gonna take away all these styrofoam and I am going to put it all this aside so that’s the reason why I am doing this because I want to be able to get a good grip when I lift it out. Okay so there is all this and we do this to protect this shell wallet on passes.

      So this system has the headshell of the photobooth of the t12 prism. The next one I gonna take out is the stand. Again the stands are also shrink wrapped. I am gonna put that right there. This is the lower portion of the stand and this is the upper portion of the stand. Okay! Make sure you guys don’t throw anything away. The reason is why is because you don’t know if we put the brackets inside or outside. Sometimes our guys who are packing this up will put the bracket into a small plastic bag and shift it inside but a lot of time what I have seen them do is to put it inside the stand or inside the shell. This is the base plate, okay. I am gonna put the base plate here for now and what we have is the yoke. put the yolk right there and what I am gonna do which you should also do when you gonna get the packet is to make share that there is nothing in here left. Okay!

      Because again, we don’t know if they put the bracket inside so just to be sure, make sure that everything is empty and then we can take everything you took out it. First the foam and put it back in the box so that it’s not scattered everywhere and then go ahead and close this back and I am gonna go ahead and put this thing over and we gonna talk about the shell.

      Once everything is all laid out, you pretty much took everything out in the box. We are gonna do next is we are gonna unscrew the screw that is inside because if you are wondering where all the knobs are, well, it’s inside these shells and what I am gonna do is I am gonna show you where is that. This way you guys don’t get confused and think that we forgot to send it to you. So here it is. 

      The knob is actually is located right here and yokes reverse. This is the upper portion of the stand. We will take this guy also reverse. We did this so that you guys don’t lose it. Well, technically we did it so that UPS doesn’t lose it just in case. They get crazy with the shipment. We at least know that everything is attached and nothing goes missing so if you are wondering where all the stuff is located, wonder no more and right over here if you are wondering how to open the back of the t12 prism. All you need is a magic coder. Take the coder and then twist and then open. So here we have the knobs are inside and I reverse that. Take this guy. Put it there and then this one is the straw flash. We are gonna take it out also. Now bear in mind that there is a remote for the t12, I mean for the t12 prism remote. LEV is right here. The case has got a little velcro, we put it right here. This is for here, this t12 LEV light, and this one also has a remote. You can use one remote for both but just in case you lose it, you still have this one and this one is actually for this, right here, okay. The LED that drops into this. The bottom portion over. So the next segment we are gonna do this that we are gonna assemble everything together, alright. So the first thing we gonna do is we gonna put all the knobs in the right places.

      Right there. So easy that is and then I am gonna twist it and there you have it the t12 prism. What we gonna do is we are gonna go ahead and we are gonna open up the front and make sure it’s tight. We are gonna put the straw flash in here. So you can see the complete top portion of the t12 prism, alright.

      So there you have it guys. That was unboxing the t12 prism. If you liked what you saw, please hit the subscribe button underneath this video channel, okay and that will motivate us to do more video content for you guys to watch. The next segment, what we are gonna do next is I am gonna be talking about how to put the t12 system together. That’s gonna help you build a photo booth system. It’s basically gonna give you the guidance on how to put everything together in terms of the computer, the lightings, even connecting the printer. We are gonna discuss even the software, type of photobooth software you should be using, all the good stuff. But first, hit the subscribe button and if you guys are ever interested in buying a t12 prism, it’s on our website. It’s in stock, ready to ship anytime, okay. The website is www.rbaphotobooth.com. If you are not comfortable ordering it from our website and you wanna call somebody and speak to a real person you can call us toll-free 1866 412 0160 and once again this is Ray with RBA photo booth, signing out.

      Thank you!

      Should I buy a photo booth shell enclosure and "diy" my rental business? Or should I buy the entire photo booth business package bundle and get right into booking events and making money?

      Should I buy a photo booth shell enclosure and "diy" my rental business? Or should I buy the entire photo booth business package bundle and get right into booking events and making money?

      Both are good questions! If you have the time to do the research and simply are on a budget, but want to start renting photo booth and earning money, then we suggest you take the (diy) direction towards your starting of the business. 

      However, the research can be time consuming, tedious, and even frustrating.  Perhaps, it may even lead you to not move forward because of the difficulties.  You may find yourself wasting time while on the other hand, you can simply just focus on renting and making money.

      This is why we at RBA Photobooths inc took away all of the headache and created photo booth business package bundle.  Our photo booth business package bundle will allow you to start making money without the delay of research.  Skip the hassle on figuring out what equipments to buy and how does the software work.  When you buy our photo booth business package bundle, we will answer all of your questions that are lingering around your brain. We make it simple and easy!

      What comes with the photo booth business package bundle?

      You get the entire photo booth rental business package which includes full photo booth system with dye sublimation printer along with a box of media kit that will last you up to 4 events depending on the hours you are hired.  We can also sell you more media kits as you need them.  The business bundle also comes with travel cases to make sure your load in and load out is quick and easy, and protected your investment throughout the years to come.

      When you buy our photo booth business package bundle, you will also get a studio style photo booth backdrop with 3 colors of backdrop fabric such as white, black and green screen.

      The best thing about our photo booth rental business package is the walk through and tutorials of how the photo booth system works. Along with the tutorials, you also get a copy sample of our photo booth rental contract which you can modify to your requirement by simply editing the content. 


      The way our tutorials work is very simple.  There are 2 ways we provide our photo booth tutorials when you buy your photo booth business package from us.  If you are local, we setup an appointment at your convenient for you to come in our office and do a one on one training or tutorials.  This process allows us to get to know our customers and build mutual relationship along the way.  


      However, if you are from out of the state or you are a local who simply chose to do online tutorials, then we simply install teamviewer in your photo booth system computer.  The teamviewer will allow us to grab control of your photo booth computer via wifi remote control and we can walk you through the entire process.


      We start off with an introduction to your photo booth software.  A quick and simple walk through of the photo booth functionality.  What certain buttons do and how it works.  The second step is a basic tutorials of how to create a photo booth template. 


      We do a step by step examples on how to create a cool template with your customer logo, custom text, and the basic fundamentals of how to insert custom pictures.


      We also include 75 free and customizable templates for print and screen built in the photo booth software.  We will walk you through on how to create a custom photo booth customer interface. 


      The photo booth customer interface is the graphics that your guest will see when they are standing in front of your photo booth system.  We do this to make sure everyone in the event is interactive with your photo booth rental service.


      Along with the tutorials, we will also cover, creating social media sharing and green screen.  With social media sharing, you have the ability to collect emails and telephone numbers for future marketing.  This data is huge for those who are looking into focusing on corporate events rather than just birthdays and weddings.  It's all about customer experience!  Every customers will get the perfect shot and will walk away 1 smile at a time.

      Choose from a wide range of our photo booth business package bundle and start making money today.  We offer financing for all of our photo booth business package bundle. 

      So don't delay, order today! 

      Visit us at www.rbaphotobooths.com or click the link below and subscribe to our channel for more cool information about how to build a successful photo booth rental business.



      If you are considering going into the photo booth business market, then this blog is for you.  Congrats! It's fund and interesting way to generate extra income. Like any business out there, you have to invest and buy photo booth.  If you are considering on buying the equipment piece by piece, then you should consider buying the equipment from RBA photobooths inc.  Many photo booth owners who are looking into saving money have already purchase photo booth from RBA Photobooths Inc.  It is very inexpensive, and at the end of the day, it is very self fullfilling.  When you are making that money, you will suddenlly feel that success!

      As an entrepreneur in this field, it will be up to you to learn about this business and learn how to navigate the ups and downs and unique elements of the business.


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