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      Should I buy a photo booth shell enclosure and "diy" my rental business? Or should I buy the entire photo booth business package bundle and get right into booking events and making money?

      Both are good questions! If you have the time to do the research and simply are on a budget, but want to start renting photo booth and earning money, then we suggest you take the (diy) direction towards your starting of the business.
      However, the research can be time consuming, tedious, and even frustrating. Perhaps, it may even lead you to not move forward because of the difficulties. You may find yourself wasting time while on the other hand, you can simply just focus on renting and making money.

      This is why we at RBA Photobooths inc took away all of the headache and created photo booth business package bundle. Our photo booth business package bundle will allow you to start making money without the delay of research. Skip the hassle on figuring out what equipments to buy and how does the software work. When you buy our photo booth business package bundle, we will answer all of your questions that are lingering around your brain. We make it simple and easy!

      What comes with the photo booth business package bundle?
      You get the entire photo booth rental business package which includes full photo booth system with dye sublimation printer along with a box of media kit that will last you up to 4 events depending on the hours you are hired. We can also sell you more media kits as you need them. The business bundle also comes with travel cases to make sure your load in and load out is quick and easy, and protected your investment throughout the years to come.

      When you buy our photo booth business package bundle, you will also get a studio style photo booth backdrop with 3 colors of backdrop fabric such as white, black and green screen.

      The best thing about our photo booth rental business package is the walk through and tutorials of how the photo booth system works. Along with the tutorials, you also get a copy sample of our photo booth rental contract which you can modify to your requirement by simply editing the content.

      The way our tutorials work is very simple. There are 2 ways we provide our photo booth tutorials when you buy your photo booth business package from us. If you are local, we setup an appointment at your convenient for you to come in our office and do a one on one training or tutorials. This process allows us to get to know our customers and build mutual relationship along the way.

      However, if you are from out of the state or you are a local who simply chose to do online tutorials, then we simply install teamviewer in your photo booth system computer. The teamviewer will allow us to grab control of your photo booth computer via wifi remote control and we can walk you through the entire process.

      We start off with an introduction to your photo booth software. A quick and simple walk through of the photo booth functionality. What certain buttons do and how it works. The second step is a basic tutorials of how to create a photo booth template.

      We do a step by step examples on how to create a cool template with your customer logo, custom text, and the basic fundamentals of how to insert custom pictures.

      We also include 75 free and customizable templates for print and screen built in the photo booth software. We will walk you through on how to create a custom photo booth customer interface.

      The photo booth customer interface is the graphics that your guest will see when they are standing in front of your photo booth system. We do this to make sure everyone in the event is interactive with your photo booth rental service.

      Rey Borja, [05.06.20 15:27]
      Along with the tutorials, we will also cover, creating social media sharing and green screen. With social media sharing, you have the ability to collect emails and telephone numbers for future marketing. This data is huge for those who are looking into focusing on corporate events rather than just birthdays and weddings. It's all about customer experience! Every customers will get the perfect shot and will walk away 1 smile at a time.

      Choose from a wide range of our photo booth business package bundle and start making money today. We offer financing for all of our photo booth business package bundle.

      So don't delay, order today!

      Visit us at www.rbaphotobooths.com or click the link below and subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool information about how to build a successful photo booth rental business.
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